The Program

Young Tahoe Smiles will provide basic dental care for children who meet the eligibility criteria established by the program. The dental care consists of diagnostics, preventive and basic restorative treatment.  Young Tahoe Smiles will make the determination as to what specific treatment each child will receive. The program's available funding is limited and services will be provided to qualifying children as long as the program has the funds to do so.

Young Tahoe Smiles may, upon making a decision in its sole discretion to do so, provide whatever funds it deems appropriate for basic dental care for a child who meets the eligibility criteria established by the Program and whose case is deemed treatable within the Program.  

The goal of Young Tahoe Smiles is to restore children's oral health to a stable, infection free, pain free and functional state. The intent is also to maintain this return to dental health through requiring participation by the child and parent in following an adequate level of oral hygiene home care.