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The program criteria:

1.  For children from the ages of 0 through 16 years old only (proof required).
2.  Financial Criteria:  Children must not have dental insurance.   
     The immediate family must meet federal poverty guidelines. Proof of financial circumstances
     and insurance non-coverage is required. 
3.  Children and their immediate family must not have dental insurance to cover the necessary services.
     They must also not qualify for any other assistance program available to them at the time of the eligibility screening.

4.  At the same time of the diagnostic visit, school grades and attendance records covering the last 12 months must be 
     provided.  Also, the parent must complete the Parental Home Care Assistance surveys. 
5.  The program does not discriminate based on gender, race or religion. 

6.  Once all the requested information is provided, you will receive an answer as to the preliminary acceptance within one business 
     day.  If accepted at this stage, it means that your child will be provided with a diagnostic visit to determine what restorative 
     treatment is needed.  After completion of that visit, final approval into the Program can take 2 to 4 weeks.  You will be contacted with 
     the results.  In the event YTS fails to respond within such period, this will be considered a rejection of your child's case.  As the 
     Parent/Guardian, you must assume the responsibility of obtaining any necessary dental treatment for emergency-related or other time
     sensitive issues while awaiting a determination.