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Parental Obligations

1.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) must commit to bringing the child to his or her appointments on time.

2.  Missing an appointment is cause for immediate dismissal from the program regardless of the
     reason or excuse for absence.
3.  The program is limited to morning appointments and you agree to comply. 
4.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to pay a predetermined fee per each visit at the time services are
     rendered.The fee of $5 to $10 or $20 per visit is assessed based on financial circumstances. 

5.  Parent and child are responsible for following a regular at-home routine of dental hygiene, as provided in the instructional 
     care information given by the dentist and that a certain acceptable level (determined by the Program) must be maintained.
     It is further agreed that falling below this level may result in the termination of your child from this Program.